How to have white teeth: recipe of organic bleaching toothpaste with vegetable charcoal

How to have white teeth: recipe of organic bleaching toothpaste with vegetable charcoal

August 7, 2018 Off By Angel Hunt

The bad eating habits are harmful to health and teeth. Products such as coffee, tea, and cigarettes help to yellow teeth and tarnish their luster. Brushing your teeth every day does not always solve this problem. Organic charcoal toothpaste can help.

To know how to have white teeth, opt for natural solutions that will not attack the tooth enamel. There are methods like the use of hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. As for the charcoal, it is a natural trick to have white teeth. Keep reading- Activated charcoal, a magic powder for your health

What is charcoal and what are its properties? organic bleaching toothpaste

Vegetable charcoal is a natural remedy produced by the burning of carbon-rich materials such as poplars, barks of wood, nutshells, fruit cores. These materials are processed at high temperatures (600 ° C to 900 ° C). The product obtained after this carbonization has several properties. Active plant charcoal is an antioxidant and has a high porosity, high absorption capacity. It can absorb more than 100 times its volume in gas.

In addition, it has detoxifying and sanitizing effects. Vegetable charcoal can help purify or detoxify the body when exposed to heavy metals, poison or drug overdose. It can relieve digestive and intestinal disorders. In case of heartburn, bloating, gastric reflux, flatulence, consume charcoal relieves against these problems and regulates the intestinal transit, calms the problems of diarrhea, gastroenteritis, etc. It also helps lower cholesterol, balances kidney failure, removes bad breath, and whitens teeth. So, it’s quite possible to create a toothpaste recipe from teeth bleaching based on vegetable charcoal.

How to whiten teeth naturally with vegetable charcoal? organic bleaching toothpaste

There are tips for finding a clean dentition such as the use of baking soda or white clay, but these tips are insufficient alone.

The tooth charcoal is a very good ingredient for whitening teeth naturally. It is very interesting to create your own homemade toothpaste based on this ingredient along with other natural products. For oral care, the charcoal is ideal because it is not only a natural whitener yellow teeth, but it also fights against bad breath, treats canker sores, gums inflamed and disinfects the oral cavity.

Essential Ingredients for an Organic Organic Toothpaste

To get a toothpaste organic charcoal:

  • First and foremost, you need plant charcoal (like this one) for its whitening and purifying properties. The coal organic bamboo for teeth whitening ingredient is recommended for this purpose;
  • From the virgin coconut oil for its antibacterial capabilities;
  • Of lemon essential oil, which also has several antibacterial capabilities, antiseptic and cleansing;
  • Of baking soda and white clay, but it is optional.

Once these ingredients at hand, take the same amount of each and prepare the toothpaste, it’s very simple. To do this, heat the coconut oil slightly in a bain-marie, then add the other ingredients one at a time while stirring with each addition to make the mixture homogeneous. Once finished, your toothpaste is ready for use. To preserve it, it must be put in a disinfected glass jar with closure. Store and store toothpaste for up to six months.

Otherwise, you can also buy an organic charcoal toothpaste. There is indeed toothpaste based on this magic ingredient for those who do not know how to have white teeth. The WHITEBAMBOO® BIO-COATED ORGANIC WHITENING TOOTHPASTE is sold online and is available in select stores. It has the advantage of being ready to use, well preserved in a tube and you avoid preparing it yourself.

How to use organic charcoal toothpaste organic bleaching toothpaste

The organic charcoal toothpaste is used as a standard toothpaste. For homemade toothpaste, first moisten the toothbrush before placing the toothpaste, because this paste is a little hard because of the coconut oil that has cooled, the use of a spatula or knife may be needed to remove the amount to use.

Once this step is over, brush your teeth normally every day as you are used to. You can also brush your teeth with a conventional toothpaste to prepare the ground for organic charcoal toothpaste. After brushing, wait 2 minutes before rinsing your mouth with clean water. The results are visible from the first week of brushing. Add once a second a little baking soda to this toothpaste if it is not yet the case to clean the dentition.

Benefits of Organic Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste for Teeth Whitening. Your homemade toothpaste or the Whitebamboo toothpaste organic teeth whitening bamboo charcoal has several advantages over conventional toothpaste. It is first of all natural, organic and then it is a whitening toothpaste. It protects against cavities, plaque, and gingivitis. Fights bad breath, tartar buildup, bleeding gums, preserves enamel and absorbs surface stains.

Some disadvantages or contraindications of toothpaste charcoal whitening

The whitening toothpaste is safe for the body. However, be careful when brushing, as it may stain your clothes or sink. Moreover, if you swallow it, your stool will have a black color. The activated charcoal is recommended for pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding, as well as children under 6 years.

There are several tips for finding a clean dentition. It is quite possible to whiten your teeth without breaking the bank financially by favoring good quality natural ingredients such as organic charcoal. What are you waiting for to try?


Activated charcoal, known and used since antiquity, has often been honored by the medical community for its incredible detoxifying, purifying and absorbing properties. It is made by calcination of coconut husks that give a very high-quality charcoal, especially in terms of its absorption capacity. It then undergoes a thermal activation stage based on water vapor to create a network of micropores that will be real traps with unwanted molecules, it is said that it is activated. To summarize, this fabulous ingredient is entirely natural and ecological.

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