Remedies of having Bad Breath or Halitosis in the morning

Remedies of having Bad Breath or Halitosis in the morning

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Unfortunately, often in the morning, there is the big and horrible problem of heavy breathing or halitosis. It is a problem that can lead to social problems. So it is important to resolve this disorder as soon as possible and understand what the causes are? So, as to prevent just the breath bad.

This unpleasant smell may depend on various factors such as poor digestion, poor salivation but above all by cigarette smoke, alcohol, consumption of very spicy foods such as garlic and onion etc.

What is halitosis or heavy breathing?

Bad Breath

Halitosis is the result of the proliferation of bacteria inside the mouth. On the teeth and the tongue that occurs during the night. Because when you sleep the body does not produce enough amounts of water that allows you to take away the germs. It accumulates usually behind the tongue and produces foul-smelling vapors.

Halitosis solution

The solution to this problem is actually very simple: it would be enough to brush your teeth after every meal. Especially before going to sleep, to the classic toothpaste combined a good mouthwash and try to perform almost every time you clean the teeth a scrub to the tongue. It is practiced or with a special brush that is a normal toothbrush that has on the other side a kind of small rubber ridge. Simply do with the bristles of the toothbrush or maybe use a nice metal bow called “scratch tongue”. That seems to be very effective.

If bad breath persists in the morning and throughout the day it halitosis will surely be a problem related to the internal degeneration of some teeth, or sick gums, or some stomach problems related to poor digestion. To find out just have a visit from your trusted dentist or the attending physician. Keep reading

For children halitosis

As far as children are concerned, if they have this type of disorder the causes can also be bad oral hygiene for children. For this reason, it is very important to teach children from the first years a good and correct hygiene of their teeth and mouth. Yet another cause can be a banal infection of the respiratory tract as a simple cold or an inflammatory condition of the respiratory tract. In the latter case, you need to go to the doctor and follow his advice and possible therapies.

Rules to eliminate halitosis or heavy breath and have a fresh breath

With halitosis or heavy breathing, it indicates the bad odor that is emitted during breathing. It is a disorder that affects subjects of any gender and age. This type of disorder may increase over the years. Recall that there are various types of halitosis (commonly “heavy breath or bad breath “). For example, the transitory, caused by physiological stages. Still persistent pathological halitosis due to the existence of systemic diseases.

The ‘ Bad breath is also referred to as bromopnea then indicates unpleasant breath smell, is a very common disorder. It is affected about 50% of the population, usually creates a very uncomfortable and sometimes may even cause social problems, so it is very important to solve this disorder as soon as possible. Let’s see some rules or tips to solve this problem.

Rules and tips to have a clean mouth and fresh breath:

Fresh breath

  • Drinking lots of water can help improve your breath because more saliva is produced.
  • Even the presence of caries in the teeth can produce bad breath.
  • Brush the back of the tongue often with a normal toothbrush.
  • To measure the breath you need to be fasting.
  • Sometimes in the tonsils, you can create lumps that if infected can cause bad breath.
  • Some drugs can cause bad breath.
  • Use dental floss once a day to clean interdental spaces.
  • Other useful tips against halitosis and good oral hygiene:
  • Always pay close attention to oral hygiene.
  • The hygiene of the mouth must always be controlled.
  • Cleaning of the mouth and teeth must be carried out in a systematic manner.
  • Use a mouthwash for more hygiene.
  • Use dental floss.

As we have underlined good oral hygiene can help to eliminate the problem of heavy and bad breath, especially for transient halitosis, so we recommend to always wash your teeth after meals, carefully, taking care to gently clean the surface external, internal and the chewing surface of the tooth with short backward and forward movements, it can be helpful to use a mouthwash and a toothpaste suitable for fighting bad breath.

It is also useful to use dental floss for a better cleaning of the teeth. Also, brush your tongue to remove any food residue.

Final thought,

You can try to solve the halitosis even with a diet rich in apples that have the beneficial effect of cleaning the teeth and gums. Users can also be chewing a chewing gum, but I recommend not to swallow. This disturbance is not temporary, but it is often advisable to go to the dentist to understand what the causes are and then act accordingly.

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