Activated charcoal, a magic powder for your health

Activated charcoal, a magic powder for your health

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, organic activated charcoal is a real cure for many pathologies.

And yet activated charcoal, which can be bought for really cheap, remains both unknown to the public, the sick, and many doctors. Small presentation so this dietary supplement that in many occasions can give you a little help in situations, to say the least uncomfortable.

Yes, but already, what is activated carbon?

The activated carbon  (or activated you will understand) is a black powder, mild, consisting of carbon and porous material. It is sort of a kind of charcoal (a distant cousin still the one used for the barbecue eh …) and has a huge contact area, which gives it an enormous absorbency. And that’s where all his magic lies …

Activated carbon is produced from any organic plant matter rich in carbon. The wood of course, but also the bark s, coconut shells (probably the most effective), peanuts, or even the stones of olives.

True poison pump that this charcoal

Coal filters are now very widely used. They are found both in kitchen hoods, vacuum cleaners, water sanitation products, but also in hospitals, where they neutralize in a natural way the anesthetic gases (halothane “ether”, cyclopropane, propanidid … )

Charcoal is probably the simplest, most environmentally friendly and cheapest decontamination agent that can exist.

Normal charcoal activated carbon

The manufacturing is divided into two stages:

  • carbonization where the constituent products (wood, bark, etc.) are calcined in the absence of air.
  • a second activation step is to increase the absorbency: the wood is carbonized again, but this time in the presence of water vapor, air, or oxidizing gases.

Activated charcoal cleanses the whole body

Coal dust develops a phenomenal surface of contact: 1 cm3 of pulverized coal has a total surface of 1 km2!

This explains in part its performance worthy of an Olympic champion: coal can absorb 97 times its volume of carbon dioxide, 165 times its volume of sulfur dioxide and 178 times its volume of ammonia …

Thus, it is very useful and effective against venoms but also narcotics, heavy drugs, food additives, agricultural chemicals, heavy metals, toxic gases, detergents, solvents.

But his indications do not stop there:

Digestive problems, bloating, irritable colon, liver problem … coal is here!

Activated charcoal can be used to solve intestinal disorders (bloating, diarrhea, flatulence, stomach sensation), but also the problems of bad breath, turista, chronic hiccups.

Activated charcoal can also relieve liver problems (cirrhosis) or alcoholism: ½ teaspoon (1 g) neutralizes the impurities of 60 ml of Whiskey.

It is finally very good for dental hygiene when used in addition to a toothpaste

How to use activated charcoal?

Already, choose it bio (there are many on the market) and preferably from coconut shells.

Opting for a non-organic coal is a nonsense since coal is intended to absorb all toxic and chemical substances …

One gram per day is suggested for a maintenance dose, for example, to prevent bloating, in a glass of water. The mixture has no taste but is not necessarily more enjoyable.

In drainage treatment, the dosage varies according to the case and the people. But on average, you can leave on 2 tablespoons before each meal, for 15 days, then 3 tablespoons a day for the following month.

During severe intoxication, or more serious diseases, such as kidney failure or cholesterol problems, doses of 20 grams, see more, are to be prescribed.

You can take up to 100 grams of activated charcoal per day without any risk.

Yes, but are there any disadvantages?

Well, the absorption of the powder or granules is not, it must be recognized, most enjoyable. But we get used to it very quickly and it’s not a big deal especially since it seems to be the only real inconvenience.

Many experiments have been carried out to check whether the coal also absorbs nutrients, which can then cause long-term deficiencies. It seems that this is not the case: the blood always keeps the adequate rate of calcium, copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins … No change also in the pH of the urine.

However, it can happen that activated charcoal has a constipating effect on some people.

And because of its high absorbency, it also inhibits oral contraceptives and reduces the effect of drugs. This is why it takes 3 to 4 hours to take the drug with the charcoal …


Activated or activated charcoal is a black powder obtained from high-temperature calcination of wood or coconut shells. It is activated in order to purify the vegetable matter and increase its porosity. The phenomenon of activation is carried out by a second calcination of the coal and by injecting air and water vapor under pressure. As a result of this process, the charcoal becomes one of the most powerful natural adsorbents. The more porous the carbon, the higher its adsorption (or surface attachment) capacity.

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