5 realities about the care of the teeth

5 realities about the care of the teeth

June 3, 2018 Off By Angel Hunt

The dentist not only checks the teeth but also gums, lips, inner part of the cheeks, braces, etc., so it can be the indicated one to detect some diseases like  anemia, leukemia, and cancer in mouth, among others, and provides the best orientation for the care of the teeth, according to the Mexican Dental Association.

In this sense, the dentist is a fundamental piece for the prevention of periodontal diseases and good dental hygiene. Therefore it is important to go with this specialist regularly, for good care of the teeth.

However, because in Mexico there is not yet an adequate culture of prevention and even a certain fear of going to the dentist, sometimes wrong practices are committed on the care of the teeth.

about the care of the teeth

  1. People who do not consume calcium lose their teeth

False. According to Dr. Jorge Sullivan, Vidaintegra, “the loss of teeth from caries is very low since there are many possibilities to treat teeth in time. No teeth are lost due to lack of calcium. The only way a person loses them, especially young, is due to severe gum disease, but with good care of the teeth and a visit to the dentist can be prevented. ”

  1. Anyone can perform a teeth whitening

False. “Bleaching should only be done with a dentist. Not in aesthetic clinics, because there are many factors to consider; for example, how many tones are going to clear the teeth “. It also indicates that many of the pastes that promise to bleach can damage your enamel, so it is advisable to go to the specialist’s office for proper dental care. Read more https://www.brunet.ca/en/advices/6-myths-and-realities-about-teeth.html

  1. Soft drinks can damage the teeth

True. According to the specialist, carbonated beverages have very acidic components, “so if you do not brush your teeth after consumption, a medium is created that impacts them. If a person drinks a lot, chances are they have dental problems. ”

  1. Using braces at any age gives good results

True. “We must consider the conditions of each patient, the condition of the maxillary bones and the general health of the mouth,” explains the dentist, and indicates that although it is advisable to start treatment at an early age, being an adult is not an impediment to use Bridles and wear a beautiful smile. So they are a good tool for the care of the teeth.

  1. Excessive use of chewing gum can cause dental damage

True. Although the use of chewing gum for a short time is not harmful, its prolonged use causes several problems. “The chewing gum activates the chewing system, and that can generate discomfort and damage to the muscles in the face, as well as a feeling of fatigue. If the chewing gum also contains sugar, the appearance of caries increases, “explains the dentist.

These are just some of the myths surrounding tooth care. Remember that oral health not only allows you to wear a perfect smile but also to maintain a better quality of life in general. It is therefore important to visit the dentist on a regular basis. You may also like Remedies of having Bad Breath or Halitosis in the morning

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