How to whiten teeth with activated charcoal at home?

How to whiten teeth with activated charcoal at home?

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Dreaming of a snow-white smile? – Give up coffee and other coloring products, dentists advice. In addition to an effective diet for finding a beautiful smile, doctors recommend teeth whitening procedures in a clinic that can now be individually selected for each patient. And if the thought of visiting a dentist scares you, try to whiten your teeth with activated charcoal at home. About how effective such independent teeth whitening, and what methods of using activated carbon for this purpose exist, is described in this article.

Activated charcoalactivated charcoal

A reliable and proven method of teeth whitening for centuries. Simply pound the coal pellet and carefully clean the powder with your teeth. The method is ineffective if a strong change in the color of the enamel is observed, but it will help to remove the persistent plaque and lighten the teeth by one or two tones. Keep reading- To whiten activated charcoal teeth: recipes and precautions

Teeth whitening with activated charcoalactivated charcoal

A snow-white, radiant smile is the dream of many women and men, but the natural whiteness of teeth today is almost a luxury, given the dyes in food. To avoid yellowing of the teeth, people have to either follow a diet in which there are no colorants, or visit regularly a dentist who does everything to make the tooth enamel thinner, but it is white.

Can I whiten my teeth myself?activated charcoal

All these methods can be called extreme, and many people do not like them for various reasons. And then folk remedies come to help, which look sparing – do not spoil enamel, like chemical preparations. And do not limit consumed food, as a rigid diet.

But for teeth whitening even at home, not all means are good – soda scratches the enamel, and this leads to its thinning and the feeling of “cold” and “hot.” Hydrogen peroxide is another popular means to whiten teeth, too, is not suitable, since a weak concentration does not lead to a visible result, and besides making the teeth even more yellow (the thin enamel is sensitive to the penetration of the dyeing particles, and this ensures a persistent effect of yellow teeth). But if hydrogen peroxide is used with a high concentration percentage, it helps to bleach, which is combined with the sensitivity of the teeth.

Thus, even among home teeth whitening products, the choice is small, and the most sparing and effective consider activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal for teeth – Harm and Benefitactivated charcoal

Teeth whitening with activated charcoal at home has both advantages and disadvantages.

Among the shortcomings of this method can be called the fact that this tool also traumatizes enamel. But not so strong as to cause sensitivity of enamel, and therefore even taking this into account. Such a remedy can be considered acceptable.

The fact is that the activated charcoal, upon contact with water, softens and crumbles into small particles, and then does not pose any threat, since its grains are too small to damage the enamel. Thus, the effect of activated charcoal is soft, and therefore its application for obtaining a radiant smile is evaluated positively.

Another drawback of activated carbon is that it is clogged into the interdental space and it is difficult to clean it. But additional rinsing and brushing of teeth solve this problem.

Does activated charcoal bleach teeth?activated charcoal

The advantage of activated carbon is an instantaneous result. After the first use, the teeth are whitened for several tones. A subsequent application does not bring such an obvious effect, simply because natural bleaching occurred almost immediately. And dissolve the enamel to extreme whiteness not under the power of activated carbon.

How to clean teeth with activated charcoal?

Before bleaching the teeth with activated charcoal, determine if the gingiva is bleeding. If so, then use the first prescription for teeth whitening at home. And if the gum is okay, then you can use a more effective second prescription.

Use activated charcoal as a bleaching agent for teeth can be daily for a month in the morning and in the evening.

Prescription of teeth whitening at home with activated charcoal No 1

Apply toothpaste on the toothbrush. On top, sprinkle it with charcoal, previously soaked in water. Then brush your teeth for 7 minutes, paying attention to all areas of the oral cavity.

Prescription of teeth whitening at home with activated charcoal No 2

Apply the crushed activated carbon to the toothbrush, and start brushing your teeth. Give it about 5 minutes, and then rinse your mouth and brush your teeth with a paste. If you use a whitening paste, the effect will be even better.

How often can I brush my teeth with activated charcoal?

Despite the fact that activated carbon consists of components of natural origin, too often it is strictly forbidden to use it. The optimal frequency is considered to be the selected procedure every two weeks, and after receiving the first positive results even less.

To minimize the risks of such manipulations it is recommended to combine with procedures aimed at strengthening enamel. In extreme cases, a couple of days before the procedure. And for the same time after it will have to use toothpaste with a high content of calcium and fluoride compounds.

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