Activated charcoal teeth whitening to brighten your smile

Most likely you were surprised when you first heard the word “activated charcoal” with something related to the teeth; however, today there are many medicinal uses that are given to this compound, among them is teeth whitening.

Activated charcoal is characterized by having a great power to absorb chemicals, metals, and toxins; being very useful for detoxification and it is precisely for this reason that it is used for tooth whitening. Because it can absorb the stains that are on the surface of the teeth. As well as the toxins that cause them.

Uses of activated charcoalActivated charcoal

Activated charcoal is widely used as an absorbent material thanks to its properties: very large surface area, high microporosity and it is also economically profitable, due to its low cost. All this has made it a product of great use in various areas.

The use that was given more to activated charcoal was for the purification of water and air, by absorbing the different harmful substances that accumulated in them. Click to Actinera to find some interesting fact.

Activated charcoal to whiten the teeth?Activated charcoal

The issue of activated charcoal as a treatment for teeth whitening is quite delicate, as well as there are many who praise it, it also has many detractors, or we say rather that they do not trust the properties or the benefits that they supposedly contribute within what is oral hygiene

Because it is a controversial issue and our interest and curiosity goes much beyond you buy any of the products we mentioned on our website, we wanted to explain in detail everything related to it, so you know both the benefits and the risks that it has the use of activated charcoal in the teeth.

And like the best way to corroborate if a certain product is good for health or not, is through research or scientific studies. We did the task of investigating what some experts think about the use of activated charcoal as a tooth whitening.

Steps to whiten teeth with activated charcoalActivated charcoal

To whiten the teeth with activated charcoal is super simple and you will not need many things, only the coal. So the cost is almost minimal. Take note of everything you will need:

  • 1 capsule of activated charcoal (usually sold in pharmacies and herbalists)
  •  Toothbrush
  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 bowl to spit (optional)

Brush your teeth with the activated charcoal for a few minutes, as you usually do, striking the outside of the teeth. We advise you to have a spit bowl handy, as the activated charcoal stains a little. Rinse your mouth very well with a glass of water, taking care that no charcoal residue remains. Anyway, the most likely thing is that you need to clean the sink when you finish. But do not be scared, you can easily clean it with your usual bathroom cleaning product.