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November 17, 2018 Off

Activated charcoal teeth whitening to brighten your smile

By Angel Hunt

Most likely you were surprised when you first heard the word "activated charcoal" with something related to the teeth; however, today there are many medicinal uses that are given to this compound, among them is teeth whitening. Activated carbon is...

August 7, 2018 Off

How to have white teeth: recipe of organic bleaching toothpaste with vegetable charcoal

By Angel Hunt

The bad eating habits are harmful to health and teeth. Products such as coffee, tea, and cigarettes help to yellow...

August 1, 2018 Off

Activated charcoal, a magic powder for your health

By Angel Hunt

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, organic activated charcoal is a real cure for many pathologies. And yet activated charcoal, which can...